Our team

Panagiotis Lalezas born in Ancient Corinth in 1973.
The slope for the song due to his father, who taught him how to interpret traditional songs. At the same time, studying gramophone recordings by G.. Papasideri, K. Roukounas, D. Arapaki, P. Eskenazi, P. Ambatzi, C. Mitsakis and C. Kavoura was initiated in Amman in Smyrna and rebetiko.
At the age of nine years made his first record presence. Here many awards and honors in traditional song contests.
From twelve years professionally engages in the traditional song, performing folk songs in traditional festivals, weddings, dancing performances and other events in Greece and abroad, in collaboration with renowned musicians of space.
He attended Byzantine music lessons with his teacher Simon Karras and lute lessons from virtuoso musician Christos Zotos.
To his credit has 17 solo albums with traditional songs and teaches voice at the TEI of Epirus.
In 2003 participates in the tray "Smyrne" Nea Ionia Estudiantina interpreting traditional Smyrneiko "Manes of good night." The recording was made the occasion to discover the George Dalaras. The album "Smyrne" was gold, was awarded as the best album of traditional Greek music awards "Arion" and Panagiotis Lalezas is of the main performers in all live performances of the orchestra.
To winter of 2004-2005 participates in the "She Elenitsa ..." in "Piraeus Coast" and Fix Community, with Helen Tsaligopoulou, the Estudiantina Nea Ionia, the Zervoudaki Dimitris and Yiota Nega.
Collaborates with major soloists traditional music from different regions of the country as Nikos Filippides, Alexander Arkadopoulos George Cochin, John Prince, Gregory Kapsalis Ms. clarinet and George Gross, Nikos Economides George Marinakis, Kyriakos Gkouventas and violin. It uses traditional Scales performance of songs, ie small orchestra with clarinet, violin, lute and percussion or full orchestra that has all the above institutions with additional santur, kanun and oud
Panagiotis Plastiras is a clarinetist with wide success in the field of folk song. From early age he learned the art of clarinet which then dealt professionally.
He has recorded many albums and cd with famous singers. The crowning moment in his career is the selection of him by great musician Mikis Theodorakis to interpret orchestrated songs with clarinet.
His aim is to show the good folk song and simultaneously the promotion of traditional and folk tradition in young people and beyond.
Christos Kitsopoulos is related with music and plays since his thirteen years. He has clarinet diploma and diploma of advanced theory. He made his first steps on clarinet with his father and after with the professional recognized clarinetist Panagiotis Plastiras. He has been cooperated to many artists such as Lakis Chalkias, Yioula Kotrotsiou, Chrisostomos Mitropanos, Antonis Kyritsis and many others.
Apostolos Sakkas has a degree in special harmony and did courses in Skalkota Conservatory and particularly in school faculty of Thanasis Polykandriotis.
As a musician he plays bouzouki, tzouras, baglama. He has worked with many recognized names of Greek music such as Gerasimos Andreatos, Yiannis Kotsiras, Dimitris Basis, Lakis Halkias, Sophia Vossou etc. and with conductors such as George Katsaros and Andreas Pylarrinos.
Fani Karamitrou plays accordion since her twelve years. She has accordion diploma and diploma of advanced theory. She is artist director at conservatory and also teaches at music school.
Stavros Papagiannakopoulos
Stavros Papagiannakopoulos born on April 13 1976.Hee start se his musical journey at the age of five years, learning classical guitar and getting beyond graduated from the music teacher at the National Conservatory and father of George Papagiannakopoulos .At the same time and through this doctrine, born his love for all enchorda institutions, and particularly the traditionally, while learning bouzouki, , baglama.outi,sazi laouto jumpus. Simultaneously with his professional career as a professor of traditional instruments, since 1991 professionally engaged as soloist of buzuki having collaborated with outstanding artists of traditional and folk music as Pantelis saltwater Gerasimos Andreatos, Melina Kana, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Giota Nega, Giannis Parios, Dimitris Mitropanos , Antonis Remos, litsa diamanti, Giorgos Mazonakis, Natasa Theodoridou Despina Vandi, Elli Kokkinou, Katy Garbi, Vasilis Karras, Zafiris Themis Adamantidis, Nikos Makropoulos, Angela Dimitriou, Mando, Dimitris Kokotas Michalis Menidiatis, Andreas Stamos, Thanos Petrelis , Nino, Dionysos rope etc. Finally participants in recorded music SONGS different composers as, Alekos goldenrod, Phoebe, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, and many others. This time she teaches at Conservatory Philharmonic Rozalenas Kourousi traditional instruments, is the Orchestra of Giorgos Mazonakis, and cooperates with mousiko- composer Giorgos Theofanous on the tv show junior music stars.
Nikos Gkantιdis
Nikos Gkantιdis born and raised in Veria in 1984. From 9 years old began his first steps in music at the same time learning the theory. The first bodies started learning was bouzouki and percussion but in the process earned him the folk Mrs traditional clarinet. Percussion worked from 1998 until 2002 in entertainment center where and kept his parents, while self-education began learning the clarinet. Clarinet began working professionally in the entertainment center of the 2004 parents for a year. Ιn 2005 he worked in a famous nightclub in Kozani named BRIDGE while simultaneously did his studies. In 2007 he returned to the center of his parents where he worked until 2009. From 2009 began various collaborations with famous musicians Mr. acclaimed dance folk songs like (Safet, Kapsalis, Tsambas, Georgoulis, Stalikas, etc.) To date continues course and collaborations in various parts of Greece with the same passion.